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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


Without mentioning any names, and with one or two exceptions, it is amazing how spineless our municipal and provincial politicians have been in the matter of the future of Quinte Health Care. Even more amazing is the fact that some of these politicians themselves sit on the Board of Directors of QHC and therefore presumably have accepted a responsibility to defend the place. Instead, they seem bound to destroy it. Their parochial approach might have been appropriate in the 1950's but it just won't wash in this new century. The world has changed, and so has health care, in many ways for the better.

Indeed, Quinte Health Care is the best thing since apple pie. The fact that it is made of multiple sites is a strength, not a weakness. Someone should defend the place, and that is the responsibility of ALL members of the Board of Directors, ALL area politicians, and ALL citizens. So far however, it is just not happening.

The QHC administration office should be moved to Bancroft. They are very sensible there. They don't waste a lot of time complaining and their brains have not been befuddled by the bad air in the south. The Board of Directors would soon shrink to an approprate number of members, who could then function as a small team instead of a large group of disparate individuals with vested interests and no idea about how to be effective. The matter would soon be sorted out.

Sincerely yours,

Alban Goddard-Hill


February 25, 2009