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Investitcher of Belleville Canada

Custom Tailor  (and sailmaker)

since 2009.

"Where the accent is on the Vest"

Men's Vests, shirts, slacks,  (and sails for your Vessel).

Made to order, by arrangement with tailor.

Local orders only.

                            VESTS  our specialty:

Double/triple thickness, using choice of: acrylic blend, wool/acrylic blend, pure wool, cotton/linen blend, acrylic or polyester. Back of same material and thickness as front.     Lining of "satin" (polyester) or "silk" (rayon).  Seams double or triple stitched, all edges with multiple overcasting.  Two front pockets.  Six stemmed 15 mm buttons.

Refined, yet rugged

Sizes;  Small,  Medium,  M/L, Large,  L/XL,  Extra Large,  XL/XXL, or Extra Extra Large,  with custom lengths.

Off the rack, or made to order.

$125 COD     (with rayon lining, add $35)

Satisfaction guaranteed.

from Ask Russell Smith, Style section, Globe and Mail, February 4, 2012:
"Because Britain, for various historical reasons, has such a disproportionately large impact on masculine sartorial conventions, tailors usually refer to vests in the British manner as waistcoats. If you are really old-money, you will pronounce it as “weskit.” Lexical matters aside, a non-matching waistcoat without a jacket is now a popular and accepted part of casual wear. It’s a great way to dress up jeans. (I am particularly keen on tweed waistcoats: Nothing says “intellectual interests” like that one small garment.) "


Maroon tartan vest, double thickness
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