Your Worship, and Members of Council.


My name is Dr. Goddard-Hill. I have been a General and Family Physician here in Belleville since 1983.


Thank you for considering the question of Cosmetic Pesticide use in our community.


I am pleased to support the recommendation that Mr. Froggett has made on behalf of the citizens of this community and on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society.


Two years ago I again had the privilege of being the Acting Medical Officer of Health for Hastings Prince Edward Counties for a second one year term.


In March 2005 we did consider this question when a delegation of citizens appeared before the Board of Health.


At that time I supported the request by the delegation for a ban on cosmetic pesticide use in the community out of consideration for human health.


I note also that there appears to be a trend throughout the province on the part of many public health Professionals to support this type of initiative.


As you know the Bay of Quinte is the source of our drinking water and I have often wondered how sensible it is to be adding unnecessarily to the burden of pollutants which find their way into that water.


Pesticides are rather like Antibiotics. They are very useful for some purposes, but the use of Pesticides

against the Common Dandelion is rather like the use of Antibiotics against the Common Cold.

It is unnecessary, and it may cause harm.


Your Worship.


January 29, 2007