How many of you here have a sewing machine at home? (Some women, some men.)


Yes? How many of you with a machine have made something with it in the last little while? (Three, all women I note.)


Well M. Chairman and Honoured Guests.


This, as you can see, is a sewing machine.

There is an image in my mind from my childhood of my mother sitting at a table at her sewing machine, where she spent a lot of time, making things.

Hers was a heavy old electric powered Singer model with an impressive wheel for needle control and a foot pedal as the acclerator.

I always assumed that she learned this skill from her mother, growing up as she did in the 1930's a small town in North Wales.

However recently she told me that she had an uncle, Mr. Roberts, my great uncle. Mr. Roberts lived in the same small town in Wales in the early 1900's and he was a Tailor.

So I began to think that this must have had some influence on my mother's decision to take up sewing. (She denies this, and neither did her mother do any machine sewing.)


Now a couple of years ago my mother moved into a nursing home, and I inherited her most recent sewing machine, which is your basic machine, made by Brother. That's this one here tonight . So the Brother has been sitting around the house for a couple of years now, during which time I have been looking at it and it has been looking at me.