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Letters, Articles and Projects from the Nineties
Alban Goddard Hill, web site manager

November 12, 2017

As a bicyclist who has regularly braved Belleville city streets including Bridge Street East between Bleecker Ave and Herchimer Ave in all seasons for a number of years I took the opportunity this morning to try out the planned new bicycle lanes using the planning markers that have recently appeared on the pavement along that section of the road.

Based on this I caution the City about proceeding with this project. Although bicycle lanes as currently planned may be useful in the downtown areas, they may be counter productive in the suburban zones of east Belleville where traffic speeds of both two and four wheeled vehicles are higher.

Bicycle lanes as currently planned at five feet wide are a little too narrow- 5 feet or 6 feet would be better. However the real question is whether they should be created at all.

Bridge Street East is a dangerous route for bicyclists. Paradoxically it may be that by increasing bicycle traffic, confining riders to a narrow and sometimes hazardous surface of pavement next to the curb, and apparently freeing drivers of the obligation to slow down and move left when overtaking the cyclist, the death and injury rate to cyclists along that route may increase as a consequence of creating separate bicycle lanes.

The overground course and distance away from the curb along which on average it is safest for the cyclist to proceed is about 4 to 5 feet away from the curb. This bicycle course forces overtaking vehicles to slow down and move left to pass, and some latitude is afforded to the cyclist on her or his right side as an escape zone into which to move when overtaken by aggressive drivers who do not observe the speed limit or the one metre rule, the introduction of which has been the single greatest advance in cycling safety in Ontario.

A bicycle tragedy happens in an instant. Unlike cars and trucks, bicycles do not travel in straight lines. However this point is lost on most drivers and therein lies danger. Although Belleville has some of the best drivers in the country we also have more than a few of the worst.

My best advice to cyclists is to stay off Bridge Street in the suburban areas. It is a route heavily travelled by cars , "light" trucks, suv's, crossovers and all manner of other threatening machinery, and along which motorists frequently speed. For those intrepid souls who insist on cycling it may be that the current system in which the cyclist is given the full latitude of the existing street, thus forcing overtaking vehicles to react accordingly, may be the safest option.

Will cyclists be legally obligated to stay within the defined five foot lane? Will motorists continue to be legally obligated to observe the one metre rule irrespective of where the cyclist is positioned on the street?

If the cyclist death rate on Bridge Street East in the suburban areas has been low to date it might be best from a public health perspective not to define bike lanes in that zone. Cyclists are best advised to take full control of existing lanes by staying well away from the curb. All bicycles should be fitted with a left side mirror to allow the cyclist to monitor overtaking traffic, and a flashing red rear light for night use.

The volume of four wheeled traffic in this city is excessive. Residents should leave their cars at home, and walk or cycle where it safe to do so, or take the bus. Although the concept of a bike lane is a seductive one, we must be careful not to create an illusion of safety for the cyclist where none exists.


Alban Goddard Hill, MD (retired); former Acting Medical Officer of Health, HPE; former coroner, Province of Ontario; cyclist.

Belleville , ON

cc. members, Belleville City Council
Belleville Intelligencer
Constable Todd Bennett, Belleville Police Department
Dr. Paul Dungey, Regional Supervising Coroner Eastern Ontario, Kingston
Dr. Piotr Oglaza, Medical Officer of Health, Hastings Prince Edward Counties


November 17, 2017

Belleville Intelligencer
199 Front St. Suite #118
Belleville, ON K8N 5H5

RE: Response to Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter from Dr. Goddard-Hill on bicycle lanes in Belleville, published recently

in the Belleville Intelligencer. My purpose in writing is to clarify the position of Hastings Prince Edward
Public Health (HPEPH) on the issue of bicycle lanes, and our support for the work of the municipalities with
whom we collaborate on this important issue in active transportation.

As your readers are likely aware, HPEPH has worked with Belleville and Quinte West to develop plans for
the transportation system, so that residents have access to dedicated bicycle lanes.

The development of dedicated bicycle lanes is critically important in providing options for active transportation for the residents of this area. While the municipalities have primary responsibility for the plans for transportation, HPEPH has collaborated from the start with our municipal partners. We have unequivocally supported their work and initiatives to implement this important measure for the health of the public, and we continue to do so without reservation.

The development of public policy measures that help the public to maintain and improve their health is a top
priority for this agency, and we strongly endorse the initiatives of our municipal partners on this and other
policy issues.


Maureen Piercy
Hastings Prince Edward Board of Health

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